Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Willibey Wascles!

Funny man!!! This is the main Willibey. This is Duane Willibey...funny, witty, sharp as a tack, storyteller, tease, and Nila's dad. It was so much fun to be around him and his sweet wife Eileen. Nila and I had such a good time visiting with them at their home in Harlingen TX. We were with them for 2 days and enjoyed it so much. Duane (or Dwight as I sometimes accidentally called him) recently returned home from the hospital. The timing was wonderful. Nila and I were able to meet his therapists and we could see him getting stronger by the day. Meet Eileen. Eileen has a servant personality. She waited on us hand and foot. I kept trying to get her to go home with me but "Main Man" wouldn't hear of it. He thinks she is irreplaceable (he calls it "job security") and I'm thinking he is right! Before Nila and I were to leave Harlingen, Eileen drove us around their community to meet some friends. We hopped into the golf cart and took off.
Meet Don and Ann Prosser. (If I have the wrong names, I'll correct them later.)

Ann's mother also lives in the park and has had this little guy, Clancey, for 26 years!!!
Ann Prosser is on the left, Nila, Eileen and Ann's mother.
Sorry, too many names to remember...
In the same mobile home community live these wonderful people...Don and Shirley Willibey. Don (or "Rye" as he is known) and Duane are brothers. I am so proud of Don for letting me take his picture since we woke him up and that can make a man grouchy. He even consented to letting me take his picture though I think that he really wanted to hit me in the head
Wow! Don let me take TWO pictures!!!! I'm sure he'll thank me some day!!!
Meet Bob and Ann Slentz. Bob, like several of the other men in the photos, had already been over to Duane's home to see how he was and to see if he needed anything. What a tribute to Duane just seeing the number of guys that showed up to check on him!
This is Shirley Willibey's brother.
This is a couple from Quebec, Canada. He speaks English pretty well.
It was nearly time to say good bye and I still needed a photo of our hosts. They were so good to us and we enjoyed our time with them so much. Duane was kind enough to "hop" up and let me take their picture together. What good sports.
Good-bye until April when Duane and Eileen will fly back to Butler, Indiana. Good-bye Eileen. Good-bye Dad.

Good-bye Dad. I love you!
Good-bye Eileen and Dad.
Oh....more neighbors!!! Good-bye neighbors. Good-bye Eileen.

Good-bye Dad!
Good-bye Eileen.Good-bye all! Good-bye Harlingen.

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