Wednesday, March 9, 2011

San Antonio...Day 1

Nila App and I arrived at the Crowne Plaza in San Antonio, TX at noon Tuesday, March 8. Nila works for Mennonite Health Services Alliance and is here for their conference. I am loving the weather and being with Nila. I am especially loving taking pictures for myself and some for Nila during her "free time" from meetings. I have already met several people from all over the United States. This sign was being projected onto the floor as we walked into the corridor of the hotel. I used 'Picnik' to give it more color.
This picture makes me feel like Pioneer Woman since she is known for taking pictures of every hotel she stays in. I didn't, however, take pictures of our bathroom like she does since the walls aren't marble and glass and right now, our bathroom is messy. Oh well....

Emerson was one of the first people I met since he shared a taxi from the airport to the hotel with Nila and me. Unfortunately, his room wasn't ready when we arrived so he is playing with his phone here in the lobby.
Poor Nila is definitely on a business trip. She had several calls and worked on the computer during the entire Chicago layover and also while on the plane. I don't think that the Alliance could function without her.
Nila was able to go for a walk on the River Walk before she has to be in meetings all day tomorrow. We are so lucky that our Hotel overlooks the River Walk and when she is in meetings and I am walking by myself, I won't get lost! This is a good thing. We should have changed into capris since the temperature was 84 degrees!
The Bank of America building is beautiful with the waterfall cascading down the stairs next to the entrance.

As you walk along, suddenly there is a waterfall! Amazing!
With all the hustle and bustle of the morning (I had picked up Nila at 3:45 A.M. to get to the South Bend airport.....zzzzzzz) Nila and I hadn't had a chance to really eat much of anything, so we quickly found a little cafe and had soup and a sandwich. Delicious!
"Give me back my camera!!!!!!!"
The River Walk continues.........
When looking up you see old buildings mixed with more modern ones. The color of the sky was spectacular and enhanced the color of this building.
Across the street were "posts" that were decorated with colorful tiles.

Walking on......
Saturday, Nila and I take the historic boat tour of the River Walk.
There were little fountains, waterfalls, remains of buildings, flowers, etc. in many unexpected places.

I asked Nila if these were the 3 new Board Members for next year?
Mim Shirk arrived in the afternoon and visited with Marvin Schmucker.
Lee Schmucker and Keith Stuckey visited.
Marvin enjoys life.
Virgil Miller and Keith
Marvin and Jeannie were greeted by the group. Marvin will be retiring this year from his position. Now the BIG decision of the day...where are we going for dinner and who all is going along?
We decide to stroll the River Walk and make a decision on the spot.
It was a majority vote for the Iron Cactus.
As we wandered the Walk, we spotted Emerson Lesher and Jay Shetler enjoying dinner. Upon finishing dinner, they joined our group at the Iron Cactus.
Lee asked for a guacamole demonstration done at the table. It was my first taste of fresh guacamole and it was delicious!
Emerson joined the mariachi band to serenade us during dinner.

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