Friday, March 11, 2011

San Antonio....Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday was the beginning of a very busy few days for Nila. I thought that this table in the Board Room of the Crown Plaza was so nice. I was wishing that I could have it in my house when we have Christmas dinner. Of course I would have to build a huge room onto our house. What are the chances? (Notice who had to work while other Board members were on a break. What a girl!!! Below is a photo of Marvin Zehr and Lee Snyder. Marvin is retiring from the MHS Alliance Board this year. Such a sweet man. Lee is a dynamite Board Chair.
I love the picture below of Valerie Rempel who is a Professor of Old Testament. I have met so many wonderful people. I'm so glad I don't have to take a test to match faces and names! I visit with them and feel so comfortable. Later Nila tells me that they are a well known doctor or the President of a huge company or college or something really impressive and I wonder what really stupid thing I probably said to them. Mim Shirk (seated next to Valerie) is a terrific lady who put this conference together.
Lee and Nila with Jay Shetler in the background.
The Commission for Sponsorship begins their meeting.

Wanda Heise(left) is so much fun to be around. She has a very impressive work history but said that now focuses on serving on several Boards. She is next to Nancy Hopkins-Garriss.
Tim Wiens chairs the Governance Committee.
I was thrilled to see Tim Stair since he is actually one person that I know. Tim was MC for the Health Assembly.
I was near the registration desk when the lady below looked at me, looked at my name tag, looked at me again and said, "You taught my son in 1st grade!" It is Eunice Culp. I couldn't believe it!!! That was a lot of years ago!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this sweet lady. Her smile was infectious.
Mim (right) is one of 4 sisters! This was the first sister to arrive with the other 3 arriving Friday. What a treat!
Mark King and Ron Litwiller are below.
Lee and Mim discuss the agenda before the MHS Alliance Members Meeting begins.
Orville and LaJane Yoder saw my last name and said, "We know Tom". Sweet, sweet people!
After the meeting, Nila introduced me to "Celebrity Bob" (left). Bob is from Luthern Services in America and a delight to talk to. He is speaking in place of Rick Stiffney who had surgery yesterday morning.
Nila and Bob
It was about this time when Marvin came to me and asked if I could help with a project. I was there to help whenever I was needed so I said yes. He led me to a room which housed the huge unfinished banner that I was to complete. It needed blue, green and yellow material PINNED to the banner to create the illusion of the River Walk and land (going under a bridge) with yellow added at the bottom. It was to be poofy. I told him that this was not my field of expertise and he left me. I prayed and pinned for an hour. I asked God to send help. Seriously!!! I knew that this was to be the back-drop of the big opening session in the Texas Ballroom and I didn't have 2 weeks to complete the project...I had 2 HOURS!
After an hour, God sent me Jan Showalter. Not only is Jan the sweetest lady on earth and an RN, she has sewing gifts. She was amazing and saved my life! With her knowledge, together, we completed the project successfully.
I can't thank Jan enough! We were a good team and held our breath as the banner was lifted and put into place. Success!!!

The banner was hung in the center of the two power point screens. This was the only way to give the proper perspective as to the nature of its size.

Following the Worship and Plenary was an ice cream treat.
It was a very long couple of days. Nila even worked after we finally returned to our room. We got to bed after midnight. Good things are being accomplished so it was all worth it.

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