Sunday, March 20, 2011

Texas Treasures!

I took hundreds of pictures while in Texas. HUNDREDS! Be glad that I chose just a few to blog about. There are many, many pictures that were taken at the Mennonite Health Assembly that I didn't write about. I am always happy to pass on any photos if asked. But for now, I am choosing some of my favorite moments of the trip from beginning to end. Of course, Nila was the reason for the trip. She was the best part...just having a friend like her allowed me to be me!  She made the trip wonderful.  It really was hard to choose...there were so many moments but I will be selective:

...meeting these women
...watching these two "get the job done"!

...thanking God for sending this woman to rescue me!
...  gathering these sisters  in one place

...loving this kind  man who makes everyone feel special and of course dear Nila!
...being with Tim and one of my dearest friends Jan

....  seeing spring everywhere while on the River Walk
...experiencing beauty in all directions

....sharing laughter
.... loving my time with best friends

...meeting Nila's precious parents
...what can I say?

...seeing the model of the Iwo Jima statue

...driving to the north end of South Padre Island and instead of seeing snowplows seeing sand plows trying to keep the roads open!
...listening to the glory of the ocean

...eating 'naughty' foods in the middle of the afternoon with Nila and then wandering outside the restaurant to look at the beautiful boats. What to buy...what to buy!
...being able to say that we were stopped by Federal Agents and had our car "sniffed" for drugs. I wanted to take the Agent's picture but decided against it!
So many few pictures posted! 

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