Saturday, March 12, 2011

San Antonio... Some Of My Favorite Moments

I know begging when I see it. Nila had Bob York on his knees! Either that, or he's praying. It was a precious moment captured in a picture. (He needed a document adjusted and Nila was there for him.) Dennis Russell, a consulting associate for MHS Alliance, chats with Keith Stuckey.

While perusing the MHS Alliance bookstore, I was thrilled to find Howard Zehr's book since Howard is a friend of mine. We were neighbors for many years in Elkhart, Indiana and his wife Ruby visits me twice a year. Our kids grew up together. I was thrilled to find that our Saturday speaker, Ingrid DeSanctis, is good friends with Howard and wrote a play based on one of his books. Small world isn't it?

This was a very special moment....the four Shirk sisters were together again!

Look at these love birds! Tim and Jan Stair glow after Jan arrives in San Antonio. Jan and I taught 1st and 2nd grade together for many years until I retired in 2005. Jan recently announced that she will retire at the end of this year. I think I will text her and see if she can do lunch with me the day after school is out. I'm free!!!

These college students attended the Health Assembly. They look like future leaders to me!

I loved this picture of Emily Reese. We were on the River Walk on our way to dinner when she looked right at the camera. It's a great birthday pose!

Ingrid DeSanctis was our Saturday morning and evening speaker. At dinner Friday evening, Ingrid joined our group for dinner and we were captivated by her charm, humor, intellect and genuine sweetness.

Finally, Saturday afternoon arrived and Nila had some free time. Jan Stair, Nila and I walked to the River Walk and took in the sights. Of course, we first needed lunch! Notice the healthy choices.Time for a ride on the river.

On our ride down the river, we wondered if we were seeing things!!!


Such a beautiful ride down the river.

If you don't recognize two of the people standing on top of the bridge, you won't notice that this photo must have been taken after the boat ride.

As we rode down the river, the river was being changed to green in preparation for the St. Patrick's Day celebration. It was a perfect time to be in San Antonio!

Jan and I enjoyed the wonderful afternoon as Nila took our picture and then....

...we took Nila's picture. We want to remember this trip for a long time!

Yes, ducky. The water really IS green!

Dessert??? Did someone say dessert? Oh we couldn't! It's nearly dinner time!

As we headed back to the Crowne Plaza, Jan posed for a picture by one of the beautiful waterfalls. Looks like she might need a towel!!!

Don't get wet Nila!

It was necessary to welcome these new members to the Health Assembly and make sure they feel welcome.

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