Sunday, March 20, 2011

Southside Elementary School Carnival

Oh my goodness! Such excitement! Layla could hardly wait for her school carnival to begin! I arrived early to take pictures! This is a representation of the many very well made posters that were around the building.
Elizabeth (right) was a busy girl since she is the PTO President and was in charge!
There were sooooo many activities for the kids to choose from. Among them were.....

the bounce houses....
Jump Marley, Jump!

silent auction...
(I actually won a classroom basket!!!)

board breaking (Star Tae Kwon Do)....

Layla put all her might into breaking a board...

and was rewarded with a head band!

duck bobbing....(this is my dear friend Carolyn Smith who retires this year! She was in charge of "ducks".)
Marley checks the number on the bottom of the duck. Ohhh the excitement!!!

These wonderful ladies went way over and above in the supper preparations.
Tom and Brent said that the food was reallllly good! Go girls!

The Bake Walk is always a big hit. Thankfully, Layla and I didn't win any but it all looked wonderful!

Marley tried the bean bag toss and missed but she looked cute trying it!

The balloon man made a lot of terrific creations and people waited patiently throughout the evening for their turn. There was also delicious cotton candy to eat, cup stacking, face painting and dancing.  Life is good isn't it?
Of course, the best part is seeing your friends!

Friends are the best part of being at school!!!

Elizabeth was at school all afternoon until 10:00 PM. This is what parents do  not only for their own kids but for the families of an entire school.
Thank you Elizabeth from Southside Elementary! 

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