Thursday, April 1, 2010

Walkin' the Path

We walked the path today....temps in the high 70's. Gorgeous day with a few bushes smartly boasting their little green leaves. Tom was anxious to show me the several trees that have been taken down by the beavers. Once the new woods has its new growth, no one will notice but he certainly keeps track of these matters. The path is Tom's "very special place". He loves having "his" woods and "his path" right outside our door. He knows what is blooming when and where. He knows how high the river is. He knows how many turtles were on which log this morning. He certainly knows where the moles are coming into his yard from the woods. I really don't know what he used to do without his path. When I walk it, I feel like I am on a fieldtrip but minus the children that I used to have to be responsible for. It is such a peaceful place to be. Especially for Tom. I'm glad he has his path.

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