Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Weekend!!!

Today was our very first "Grandparent Day" at Nicholas's school. It was fun to be the grandparent instead of the teacher for a change even though that was one of my very favorite days during the school year. It was fun to see where Nicky "works" every day, meet his teacher, (Miss Gray) and his principal. We left after a little over an hour so that Tom could get back to Elkhart to teach. What a super little boy!!!

Nicky is the only one in his class missing his two front teeth. He is as adorable by nature as he is adorable looking.

All 4 of us Grandparents were able to attend Grandparent's Day today. PopPop Jim and Grandma Connie came from Kokomo and JoJo and PopPop Tom came from Goshen.

The night before Grandparent Day was a swimming lesson for Nicky and Blake. Blake was closer to me so I was able to capture him as he came up for air. One has to move quickly to catch this little fish out of the water.

I just can't resist posting little Alexis in her new birthday chair. It is our gift to her for her 1st birthday gift but it came early. Since she (and her siblings and Momma) will be in Goshen on her birthday, it is only right that she is able to enjoy it ahead of time. Soooooo sweet!

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