Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break & A Birthday

"Today is my 1st birthday!" says Alexis. "I am going to have a birthday party at my PopPop and JoJo's. I am very excited!!! It is also spring break for my big brothers. We are happy to be in Goshen because we get to see our cousins Layla and Marley." "I don't know how JoJo got this picture in sideways. She must have hit the wrong key. But then, you know how she is. But my cake is sure pretty."
"Before my party, Marley and Blake had fun looking at some of JoJo's books. These books are some of her pop-up books by Robert Subuda. JoJo says that the kids have to 'treat the books like gold' because they will tear. I wish I could get ahold of one!"

"Aunt Lizzy, Uncle Brent, Layla and Marley gave me a wonderful musical birthday cake. It plays music and when I hear it, it makes me 'dance'. I love music!"

"Oh.....look at this paper! is a card....Strawberry Shortcake!"

"This is my musical cake. Isn't it pretty?!!!"

"Oh! This is what my cake looks like! It is from Adam's Cake Shop."

"I'm ready for a taste."

"Wellllllll.....I think I like it!"
"It was wonderful! But the party's over. Now it is Friday and Layla and Marley were at PopPop and JoJo's for the day. We had a wonderful day. The grandkids went to Crossroads Church playground for a while. It was freezing!!! I thought it was suppose to warm up but not! You can see Layla and Nicholas bundled up on the climber."

"Blakie got to climb and climb on the ropes! He could pretend to be a pirate all he wanted!"

"Marley liked to swing and run around. She used to be the baby but now I am the baby.""Here is my mommy. She used to have long hair and I ate it. I didn't eat it off. She had some lady do that last week and she gave her pony tail to some people to use for kids who need it. We were at the park for just a short time since it was soooo cold."

"After the park, we had another treat! We got to go to McDonald's! We got to play on the inside playground and I got to listen to everyone have a wonderful time. It was fun watching everybody play. I don't know who that strange man is in the picture holding Nicholas."

"After we got home, Nicholas and Layla curled up on the couch and looked at Junie B. Jones books. They read them in Kindergarten and love, love love her. I have heard some of the stories and I think they are funny too. Junie doesn't talk very nicely but she is funny!"

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