Saturday, April 17, 2010


April has been incredibly beautiful this year! The trees are gorgeous and I have had my camera busy for days! These blossoms are from the tree across the street. I hope the neighbor doesn't mind me walking in his front yard with my camera aimed at his house for long periods of time. (I wonder why he keeps his curtains closed!)
Kendra's old bedroom is my scrapbooking room. These buds will pop into white flowers (therefore naming this tree/bush a "popcorn" tree.

Here is Lexi wearing April green! It is so difficult not including her in almost every entry just because she is sooooo adorable and especially wearing this color. What a happy, healthy little girl she is!

There is nothing better than "mommy love"! I know because Alexis told me!
Sweet Nicholas is suffering from allergies this year. His eyes are so itchy and he has been miserable but that didn't stop us from going over to the park. His daddy had just finished putting air in the balls and Nicholas couldn't wait to try them out. That net is "really high"!

You can't guess what Blake played with! See that little piece of blue sticking out of the sand? That is the head of one of his pirates. I saw his face when he realized later that he was missing a tiny sword and a hat. Sooo sad but then decided that he had several more at home. How could it possibly be that little pieces would go missing after being buried in gravel??? Oh well. He had fun anyway.

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