Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teeny Tiny Tumors Total

Doesn't it just seem right to show a picture of my tree blossoms when discussing bladder cancer? I think so...especially when the spring has been the most beautiful in a long time. I made my visit to Dr. Fretz today for my "teeny tiny tumor total". Three months ago he found 3 new tiny tumors but we decided to let them live since they were small. They had grown a little but he found the usual 3 new tumors clustered with the old 3. It MUST have something to do with the Trinity since every 3 months I have had 3 new tumors!!! (This is now a total of twelve.)

The old 3 and the new 3 tumors are on the top dome of the bladder and the first 3 were on the side. I don't know where the second 3 were. I forgot to ask. That was my new information of the day.

He will schedule me for a surgery date sometime in May. Since I am so healthy and he knows me so well now, I don't need to stay overnight in the hospital and am, in fact, at River Point and home again in 3 hours time. Then I just take it easy for a few days.

I am sooooo lucky that since I have to have cancer, my tumors are contained INside the bladder. This is a good thing. They were caught early and the Dr. stays on top of the situation. Life is good! I will be here to watch the trees bloom for many many more springtimes to come. Thank God for insurance!

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  1. I'm so glad your new "trinity" is a small group & you can have Dr F give you a little scrape again in day surg! He's a good one!