Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Alexis!!!!

Our baby is 1 year old today!!! What memories have been created during this past year! Kendra made a great slideshow for her blog ( about Lexi's first year of life. I grabbed the Kleenex as I walked down memory lane. She has endured so much and has come so far. She is sitting in the "birthday chair" that Tom and I got for her.

After a long day yesterday visiting her Great Grandma Carol, Lexi decided to take a long, refreshing bath....well...I sort of ended up taking it with her.

Marley (nearly 3), Brent, Layla (nearly 6) and Elizabeth were at Trinity with us last Saturday evening since we knew that Sunday was going to be rather busy. They looked soooo nice!

Alexis got to see Great Grandma Carol yesterday in Battle Creek, Michigan. Kendra and the 3 children are here in Goshen for Spring Break so we decided to go see my Mother one day while they were here. Mother and Debra were thrilled. We had brunch and then the boys played (beautifully as usual) while Mother watched everyone. I made her pose with the kids for photos! Then day, the kids and Layla and Marley will endure a trip to Portrait Innovations for more photos! Good grief.

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