Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three Tiny Tumors....

Yes...there are 3 more tumors but I am hanging onto the word TINY! I was hoping that if Dr. Fretz found more growing, he would be able to wait for another 3 months and just take care of them then. Oh nooooo....not an option! But, still, no rush. He said to take care of Lexi's heart surgery next Tuesday and when I get back after a couple of weeks, he'll take care of it. Hopefully, I will get a call tomorrow as to the date.

The surgery can be done at River Pointe outpatient (still at the hospital) but because I am "in such excellent health", I don't have to stay at the hospital overnight and NO CATH!!! That is the best news!

Went to Bible Study tonight with my dear friends Nila and Larry App and Linda Delagrange. They are the best support group. Tuesdays are always Tom's teaching day so I had texted him of the news. We just had our talk after we both returned home. What good people!!!

Well...here we go again. Wondering how many "agains" there will be. God is in control so I guess I won't bother wondering any more. It doesn't matter does it?

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