Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Healing Begins...

Alexis was doing so well that the vent came out later this afternoon! Amazing! Then Kendra was able to hold her. All of the grandparents left at 5:00 to let the parents have some quiet time with Lexi. Heaven knows they needed it after a day like today.

Tom and I headed to Paula's where we had dinner and caught up with the boys. Nicky and Blake had spent the night and day with Paula. What a gift that is!

After dinner, they were brought home to get ready for bed, stories, prayers and they were OUT by 7:45! Exhausted! Tomorrow, after picking the boys up at school, we will meet Paula at the pancake house and then Tom will come home with the boys and Paula and I will go visit Lexi. Tomorrow will be much "easier on the emotions" than today! It's been a long, long, day. So.........

Thank you Lord for everything!

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