Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patience Little Patient

It's so difficult being so tiny and in the hospital. Thank goodness, she won't remember any of this! She had a blood transfusion last night and it really helped her coloring and her comfort. Today she had a low temp and then it was a little higher this afternoon but Tylenol has helped that. She has a lung that isn't quite fully inflated so the doctors want her to be awake long enough for her to cry a little and breathe to help the lung but keep her pain minimal. They give her pain meds when they know she is uncomfortable but it is a fine line to keep her awake yet not in pain. She was seemingly more peaceful tonight.

PopPop Tom kept the boys this afternoon while Paula and I found our way through the maze of Peyton Manning hospital. We never did run into Peyton but we were on the lookout! Lexi wasn't feeling that good when we were there so were glad for the report tonight that she was better and her temp was lower.

Kendra came home from the hospital tonight to see her boys and hopefully get a good nights sleep. The family has had an emotional situation this week but hope that every day gets better and better.

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