Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cutie Bugs!!!

I know CUTE when I see it...and these kids are cute! I can say that since I'm their JoJo! I love being their JoJo! I love the beautiful smile on their faces when I walk in their door (quite often, I might add) and the sad face when I tell them that I am heading home to Goshen. It does a heart good.
I love that Nicholas loves Kindergarten, transformers, riding his bike, monster trucks, playing with his brother, kissing his sister and a multitude of other things.
I love that Blake is a total "pirate" lover...has been for a long, long time. He loves pretending that he is a pirate, dressing like a pirate, holding the little play school pirates in his hands and is always looking for the tiny pieces that are always lost from one of his many pirate play sets. Let him color or do a "fine motor skill activity" and you won't get him away from the table for hours. These boys play for hours and one hardly knows they are in the house. Oh...they have their moments but not often.

Well, enough said about my boys. I decided that it was time that I gave them some "blog time". They are certainly great kids. They have great parents! It will be fun watching them grow up.

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