Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heart Surgery Scheduled!

Most of the 2 1/2 hours on Thursday with Kendra and Lexi were spent waiting to get Lexi's heart surgery scheduled. The cardiologist loved how Lexi looked, breathed, and smiled at him (she definitely melted HIS heart!). "But...", he said, "it is time." Her surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 22. It will take about 4 hours to repair the hole in her heart. (I rescheduled my "tumor check" with Dr. Fretz for Sept 15.) Lexi will spend Monday afternoon, with her parents, at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital for pre-op stuff and paper signing. She will then go back home to return early the next morning. Due to the swine-flu scare, there will be no outside visitors (except for me and a couple of other grandparents, I'm sure!). Hopefully, this hospital stay will be about a week instead of the 67 days for the first surgery.

We certainly hope that Alexis doesn't contract a cold, etc. before her surgery. It would mean postponing it until she was healthy.

Kindergarten has been a super experience for both Nicky (1/2 day) and Layla (full day). They both hop on the school bus in the mornings with smiles on their faces. Thank God for the wonderful teachers that allow for them to enjoy their education! Blake will begin a new year at preschool next Wednesday. He will go Monday-Wed.-Fri.) until noon. This will be his 2nd year. Marley will begin her first year of preschool (one morning a week) in a couple of weeks.

Jason just returned from a 4-day trip to Ohio for some Chrysler training. Don't know about the training but he loved the water activities that he was able to fit in in the evenings.

Tom teaches on Tuesdays again at Ivy Tech. He came down to Noblesville for a couple of days but returned for a doctor's appt. The doctor told him he was "perfect" least on paper! What can I say!!!

Now we are getting ready for Heather Bowman's 37th birthday on Labor Day Monday. Ohhhhh...she is getting old!

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