Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Lexi Lou Who"

Having this little girl home is amazing. We forget that she is over 2 months old (nearly 10 weeks) and we aren't sure whether or not she has reached 7 pounds yet. Since she is home, she doesn't get weighed. Kendra will make a doctor's appt. tomorrow. Several appts have been made with specialists but this will be her first with her regular pediatrician.

Lexi has been sleeping so well through the night. She is eating well and is such a good baby.

Nicholas and Blake wake up and ask where Lexi is. I'm not convinced that they think she is really here to stay. They have been very loving and then they go do their own thing. Today has been a quiet, warm, uneventful day. Just hangin' with the kids. Life is good.

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