Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Gladder Bladder!

"Bladder cancer"! I said these words to myself out loud for the first time today. Since surgery yesterday morning to remove a tumor and two stems which were behind it, I am coming to the realization that I have/had bladder cancer. It is strange to hear the words. Dr. Peter Fretz, my surgeon, will have the complete results, hopefully, by Tuesday. He said that he could guess at many possibilities but it would be silly to make any guesses until he reads the report. He will call.

It is very likely that the tumor(s) will grow which case, we just go back and do this again. We just wait and see.

I haven't had even one pain pill since surgery and haven't had any sleep either. I should sleep tonight. Brent, Elizabeth, Layla and Marley, Kendra and Alexis just left to go home and shopping (Kendra, Elizabeth and Lexi). Tom is outside in the 90 degree heat deciding if he wants to mow anything tonight or not. The kids had pizza here for supper.

I have to be very careful for at least 2 weeks so I don't start bleeding. It could happen easily so I am not to lift more than 15 pounds. I had better empty my purse.

Well, life changes but I am grateful that so far, the cancer was caught at a very early stage (we assume) and I assume that I won't have to deal with anything like chemo etc. So, even with "bladder cancer", I guess that this is the way to go. God is good!

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