Monday, June 1, 2009

It's June!!!

It's June 1st and Lexi is still in the NICU. I have been home this week due to a doctor's appointment but will return tomorrow for the week. Jason had been told that he would return to work (that's when they will really need me in Noblesville) on June 1 but at the last minute, it was changed to July 1. Looking at the positive side, being laid off during the month of June isn't all bad when one lives on the water.

I'm anxious to see Lexi since it has been quite a while since I saw her. Kendra, Jason, and the boys were here for the "cousin's birthdays" last a week ago so it has been a week since I saw the boys too. Miss them!

Tom is in Noblesville right now and will return tomorrow since he begins teaching Concord Summer School on Thursday. Ivy Tech begins on Monday. Class is Monday and Wednesday. He will, therefore, come home tomorrow. We'll wave at each other as we pass on US31.

Layla spent the night last night because Marley was throwing up. She is better today. Both girls now have had the "bug". Hoping that it is over for their family.

Lexi hit 7 lbs 1 oz today! Great, steady progress. she is fed every 3 hours and only on the continuous feeding at night. Looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

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