Friday, March 20, 2009

One day at a time..........

Wednesday was quite a day! We weren't sure whether or not we were going to be "having a baby" Wednesday night or not. It depended on whether or not the baby passed her afternoon tests. Thankfully, she got an "8"!!! That was the perfect number!

But the not knowing was killing me since I knew that if Kendra was sent to St. Vincent's Women's Hospital that day, Tom and I would still have 3 hours on the road. Therefore, I just packed up and drove down. I'm glad she didn't need me but at least I'm here if something should happen in the night while Jason is at work. She shouldn't be here alone. Tom drove down Thursday a.m. He has to be back to teach at Ivy Tech Monday so he drove separately. I brought everything I own just in case I end up staying for the next month or 2. One day at a time...

Kendra is miserable with back pain. The massages help for the moment but at least that is something. She has so much extra fluid since the baby can't "take it in" the way she is suppose to due to the duodenal atresia. Kendra, therefore, has all of that fluid taking up space making her baby think that she is 38 1/2 weeks along when she is really 35 weeks along. The date has been moved up to April 14 but the doctor says that there is no way she will go that long!!!

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