Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Borgaard "Kids"

What an experience! In addition to the Arroyo walk, Mary and Kent drove us to each of their "kids" homes for tours. First was Dr. Barbara and Al's. Very cozy, warm, inviting. Barbara had a "wall of family members" framed in black 8X10's. The coolest part was how she used black iron plate racks in which she set the frames all hung vertically. Great idea! Al is a classic car collector. I took pictures (NO!!!) of his cars. He drives them daily. He has trophey's too numerous to count. Lots of antiques were all around but in great displays.

On to Boni and Bobby's home. It was 12,000 square feet and jaw dropping. As Mary punched the code to make the gate open, I knew this was going to be something out of the was! I asked how many bathrooms there were. Boni "guessed" that there were "around 12"!!!!!!!!!!! She guessed!!!! Well...needless to say, I took photos and will post some soon.

Home for lunch and then on to David's for 6:00 dinner. He is 5 miles away and the girls only 4. Darling how he has decorated the house. He moved in in December and said that his house is done in "garage sale" and "Boni's leftovers". Whatever, it is adorable. The fireplaces in the southwest are 2 sided in the center of the open-spaced house with "shelves" placed at eye level on all 4 sides of the fireplace. There are very interesting artwork, photos, etc. placed on these shelves. There are also "shelves" built into the wall area itself which are covered with antiques. I think it is a "Borgaard" thing that most wall space is covered with interesting artwork, lots of photos, plaques, and shelves are loaded with antiques. He has done amazing things (upstairs looks like a casino and is charming) and the downstairs is well decorated "garage sale" or not! Looks great!

Oh yes! Dinner was delicious too! He and girlfriend, Channon, make their own wine. It was nice to meet Channon. So interesting. This little girl with what she calls the "little squeaky voice" is a "General Contractor" and BUILT Boni's 12,000 sq ft. home! She was also responsible for the huge homes in that community! Massive! David said that if a guy that works for her thinks he can get away with something because she is this little blonde girl, beware! "Don't mess with her!!!"

After dinner, we went a couple of blocks from David's home to see Channon's. I don't know what universe I was in but it wasn't of this world! She is an antique nut and though smallish, it was incredible! There wasn't a wall space that didn't have something on it...many huge pieces of furniture were loaded with antiques, a huge mantal around her fireplace that she had made and put small tilework on it! She had an extra workroom (that she happened to decide to have added to her house (she decided on a Friday and it was done, complete with knocking out doors etc.) by the following Wednesday. I guess she "knows people!" She had a sewing machine set up because she can also create anything. Amazing woman!

Every home was totally unique but David's and Channon's were my favorite. Though full of stuff, everything was comfortable and cozy.

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