Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April baby after all???

Kendra just called from the Maternal Fetal Medicine building. This afternoon's measurement was still 42. It should be 37. It is way too high.

She is carrying "an obscene" amount of fluid. She has a number of 39.? and it is suppose to be under 20!

Her blood pressure was down to 130/90 and there was no protein in the urine. She is coming home.

Poor Tom woke up with a terrible cold this morning (in Elkhart) so he can't even think of coming to Noblesville unless he is perfectly healthy. It will be awful if he has to miss the baby's birth.

Kendra will have another "protein" test tomorrow. Believe it or not, she is going downtown Indy tomorrow for a work conference!!! Crazy girl!!! Let's see how long she lasts...oh...she'll stay the whole time........2 days...........just wait and see!!!

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