Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finishing the Trip...Saturday

This is our last day. Gorgeous weather. Headed back in the direction of Las Vegas via Boulder City. Such a cute little town. We did some shopping for stuff for Nicholas and Blake. We already had things for the girls. It was fun to check out so many little shops. On our way back to Borgaards but the driving this time was so much easier since Tom had an idea of how to get there. Arrived at 4:00, visited for a while and went to a Pub to have a very nice dinner together. They were so wonderful to put up with us and our crazy schedule both coming and going. They have such a beautiful condo. We headed for bed at 8:00 knowing we were getting up at 3:00. We were awake before then and out the door at 3:35 a.m. I know now that when going to the airport you don't take the "airport" exit just because you are going to the airport!!! You are suppose to go to exits beyond that to the "car return" exits!!! How is one to know that!!!!!! Where are the signs??? Of course, Tom got me back on the right course after I nearly drove downtown again! Luckily, we had plenty of time so we were fine.

Once we got to the airport, everything went smoothly. We arrived in South Bend and Bob and Kathy Thies met us and we headed to Hacienda immediately. I had FRENCH dressing for my salad which people out west do not use! I have unpacked and done a load of clothes and am now waiting to see the "little girls".

We had a great time and are glad to be home!

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