Monday, March 9, 2009

Las Vegas to Mesa! 300 miles

Woke up early and were out the door before the Borgaards work up. We had a great day on Saturday but got back to their house too late to write anything. I have some catching up to do.

Saturday; March 7
Mary and I did lots of visiting together in the morning which was great fun. It had been so long since having a chance to really talk. Kent and Tom were into heavy conversation in the living room.

After lunch, we drove to the Belligio which has a beautiful garden area. The flowers were just gorgeous! I know you are shocked that I took many many pictures. Then we walked outside to see the Belligio fountains which "dance" to music. Soooo beautiful! I took a movie of it to remember it by.

We then drove downtown to check out "the machines". With a few instructions...what is a full house? a straight? two of a kind? etc..........I put a dollar into the machine. After I got the hang of it, I had that dollar busy for quite a while. It was really kind of fun. People around us were using the machines (thousands of them!!!) so fast, I don't see how they could tell what they were doing! I ended up losing a total of $4. There goes my retirement.

We had dinner, did lots of visiting and went to see Frost/Nixon which was on in a theater right where we were. It's nice when everything is in the same place.

SUNDAY: March 8
We left Borgaard's early leaving them to sleep in to catch up their sleep after being such wonderful hosts.

On the road, we decided that we would be going right past the airport so we were going to stop and trade our car. Our rental didn't have a license plate...just a little piece of paper in the front passenger window. I could not imagine that we wouldn't get stopped for not having a license plate but were told that it really would have been ok but we changed cars anyway.

Traveling from Las Vegas to Mesa AZ is quite the trip! One of the most incredible parts of the trip is driving over the Hoover Dam. Just before the Dam is Boulder City. We ate breakfast at "Mel's Diner" and enjoyed the locals. On the road again, nearly to the Dam, was a gorgeous place to pull over to take pictures! Alright!!! camera! It must have fallen on the floor of the 1st rental car as we were trading cars. The black camera case against the black floor is all we can think. I had double checked! Losing my camera is like losing my right arm!

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