Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perfect Fit!

I (almost) never buy gifts for my grandkids unless it is a birthday or Christmas. Am I a terrible grandma? I hope not. It's not that I don't want to but I would rather give them just "me". I play with them, swing them, read to them, sing and dance and create with them....all those things that you do with your little people. I just don't want them to think that everytime I see them, I'm going to buy them something. Last Thursday, however, I broke my own rule. That's fun once in a while. I wanted to buy the girls an outfit for no good reason. I was in the mood. I was with my friend, Jane. I didn't know exactly what sizes to buy or what style to get. I guessed and took a chance. SUCCESS!!! Perfect sizes and styles! What were the chances???
I LOVED their reactions!!! Layla was so happy to have a vest and can switch from the white top to a black top. The jeggings had sparkles. A girl can't have too many sparkles! Marley was so happy with her long sweater over the cute top and leggings. The buttons matched buttons at the bottom of the leggings. I loved that they were so thrilled with their new clothes and especially loved their reactions to getting presents for 'no good reason'.  Makes me want to go shopping again...for 3 other kids I know.

Marley (4) Layla (7)

Layla poses for the camera

Is this what one calls "hip action"??? Swing it Marley...swing it!

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