Monday, October 24, 2011

Life is Good!

"Hurrah! PopPop wants to take me outside!"

"I just love to swing with you PopPop!"

"I wonder where my brothers are. They are probably creating something. That's what they do."

Blake loves tiny things. He has great fine motor skills and a tremendous attention span which he puts to good use.

Blake makes "people" without using a pattern. He has an artist's eye. After seeing what I was wearing, I became one of his people.

Being color blind, Nicholas needed a little help from Blake to find out which color was what.

Blake suggests red instead of purple. PopPop can identify with this problem.

These are such wonderful little boys.

Such a gorgeous day! Jason suggested a boat ride! Perfection!

I love that they live on the water. The colors were gorgeous!

"Hi Paula and Ron!" (Having my sister live just 8 houses away from my daughter is such a gift!)

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