Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!

Knowing the rain would be coming in soon, Tom spent a couple of days raking and blowing, raking and blowing! With woods on two sides and 30 trees on our relatively small plot, he tries to keep up with the process to keep it from getting out of hand. It is a never ending job to be sure. There is a very bright side to it all though..........Layla and Marley LOVE it!!!

"Hey you guys! Have you seen PopPop???

(I wonder if she can find Tom. Can you?)

"I see you PopPop. Here...let me help you."

"Oh never mind. I need to get the leaves out of my socks."

"Hey girls!!! Get me out of here!"

"In a minute  PopPop. Maybe JoJo will take our picture first."

"I'll help you PopPop" says Layla.

"Ohhhh, I LOVE jumping in the leaves."

"PopPop will haul them into the woods tomorrow. He doesn't care."

"Noooo. He doesn't care" mimicks Marley. "This is fun!"

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