Monday, January 3, 2011


Tom and I had the most wonderful New Years. On Thursday, we headed to Noblesville to celebrate with my sister and brother-in-law, Paula and Ron. It was going to be unusual not to be there without the pitter pat of grandkids feet. Kendra and family were in Florida. Paula and I spent time planning Mother's 90th birthday dinner (family only), talking, laughing, baking, computering, lots of eating, shopping and having an all-round good time. For New Year's Eve, we had a fabulous dinner at Bravo's. We were home early, visited and were in bed before midnight.

On New Year's Day, Paula treated us to her delicious panera sandwich. Fabulous!!!!!!! I would take it over Bravo's any day (and that's saying something!) She always feeds everyone very well. I know where her son gets his skill (he would tell you it was from being a chef at a 5-star restaurant and not from his mother but I disagree!).

Kendra and Jason drove home from Florida all night Saturday night arriving early Sunday morning. Tom and I had transferred our things to their house (8 houses from my sister's) to be there when they arrived. Jason had to work all night Sunday night so he slept all day and Kendra slept some of the day. The boys caught up on the Christmas toys that they had left at home while in Florida and Alexis caught up on sleep. I got the laundry underway and played with the kids. It was a quiet, fun day.

The new year has had a good start. We are home again and ready to take on whatever comes our way. God has been so good to our family.

Thank you Paula and Ron for your hospitality. We certainly appreciate all that you do.

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