Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game Face!!!

Nicholas loves to play Upward Basketball. No one keeps score. It is a totally positive experience. There is a prayer before the game and devotions for everyone in the gym during half-time. The Refs are positive and have many "teachable moments" with the kids. Nicholas is only one of two 1st graders on this 1st/2nd grade team. He gets to throw the ball inbounds so he is able to touch the ball once in a while but ohhhhhhhh......the enthusiasm!!!
He runs to the basket and .............

waits for it to fall and....................


That's my boy!!!!!

Nicholas is ready for action!!!!!! If he plays next year, he will be as big as those 2nd graders and he will certainly hold his own! I'm so proud of that sweet little boy, I could just ...... kiss him!

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