Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Cast of Characters!

It has been a loooooong couple of days for Marley! Wednesday afternoon, Brent, Elizabeth and Marley drove to Noblesville to stay at the "Bowman B & B" due to their Riley Hospital appointment early this morning. Marley walks on her toes and has gotten worse as she gets older. At 3 1/2 years old, she had casts put on this morning. She will get them off in a month and will likely be fine. It was caught early and we have heard that it isn't all that uncommon a problem in kids. Wheeeew! It was a long ride home for her this afternoon and her feet hurt and she wanted to get out of the car seat and MOVE!
Brent stood her up and she was starting to feel good!!!

Elizabeth put socks with grippers over the casts or their new wood floors will not be so nice.

Now for the autographs! Marley told Brent exactly where "Marley" needed to be written.

Good job Daddy!
Layla puts here name in the right spot!"Mommy's turn" says Marley.

"Look at all my names on my ........what do you call it?"

"Hey! Don't forget about me!!!" says Layla. She got to have PopPop and JoJo spend the night at her house last night. She got home from school 1 minute before the family returned from Indy.Silly Layla. She loves her Mommy and Daddy.

Cuddle time!

Layla tells everyone about her day at school and last night's Scout meeting.
Hug! Hug! Hug!

Now, it's time to see if Marley can walk without wiping out.

"I know you have toes in there!" says Mommy.

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