Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Noblesville

Alexis is such a happy baby! She loves her brothers and her brothers certainly love her!!! Nicholas is taking a break from playing ball and having a chat. Can you tell that the weather was absolutely perfect?

Nicholas is quite the ball player. Between practicing baseball or basketball he is riding his bike or scooter. He loves running around and runs really fast since there is less wind resistance with the absence of his 2 front teeth!!!

Blake just runs! and runs! and runs!!! He doesn't necessarily want to play a game of anything.....just run! Of course, pirate pretending is always part of the fun!

Tom and I were glad to be in Noblesville for this weekend since we have heard that while we were in short sleeves down here, the weather back home wasn't so wonderful. Tomorrow afternoon is Blake's preschool "Spring Sing". We love it when we can attend anything for our grandkids. I'm sure that there is much more in the future....let the games begin!!!

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