Monday, March 1, 2010

89....and holding!

Happy Birthday Mother! How can my mother be 89 years old today!!! Oh...I do forget that I am 64! Where do the years go? Time used to seem to crawl and now it flies by! I remember Mother saying that. She often says now that she is so shocked when she looks in the mirror and sees her face because she doesn't feel as old as she looks. In fact, she says she feels about 50. I know what she means. I do the same thing. I would imagine that most people, if not all, do the same thing.

Mother is still a busy lady (relatively speaking).She has the same schedule that she has had ever since I can remember...get up at 10:30 a.m. and go to bed about 1:00 a.m. It varies but not by much. With her amazing musical abilities, she is in demand when it comes to playing piano/organ for different Eastern Star organizations. We were laughing the other day because someone was scheduling her to play for their installation a couple of years from now. Why wouldn't she be in demand? How many people have such gifts? How many people can sit on a piano bench for hours and play requests in any key and not have to have a stitch of music in front of them? When I speak of her gifts, she says that she thanks God every day for these abilities. I have no doubt...This is the woman who thanks God daily and "goes through every name of kids and grandkids before falling asleep". If I speak of her gift, her first response is to be modest until I ask her to name one person (not a professional but a 'normal' person, that can do what she does. That's when she realizes never to take this gift for granted.

Paula is on her way to Goshen from Noblesville as I write this. We will be at Mother's in Battle Creek by noon and spend the rest of today and until after brunch tomorrow with her. Tonight, Keith and Sharon will join us for birthday dinner. Should be a good time.

Tomorrow, knowing me, I will have a birthday photo of Mother. Good grief.....89!

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