Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Petersburg, FL...Day 1

Today was our first full day in Florida. We woke up to sunshine and a very nice Comfort Inn breakfast. We put on our walking shoes and set out. Since Tom doesn't believe in parking close to any destination, we took a looooong walk to Demen's Landing and then to The Pier. (I bought some bandaids tonight!) . It was beautiful walking with blue skies and 60 degrees. This afternoon, we sat in the sun and read by the pool and after dinner I drove to Fort DeSoto Park to try to catch a sunset. But...we missed it! If we are late getting some where in Elkhart, it is usually due to waiting for trains. We missed the sunset due to a small sail boat going under a draw bridge!!! I could have had some gorgeous pictures!

Speaking of pictures...I took very few. I'm trying to be smarter about photos than usual. I haven't figured out why and it probably won't last very smartness that is. The photos are the only ones I took today. Tom is sitting in "chairs" by the courthouse here in St. Petersburg. It was first thing this morning and is therefore wearing a jacket. The "lady" is me after eating 3 meals today. That won't happen me!

Temperatures tomorrow are to be 66 and going up from there. As the week goes on, it will be in the 70's!!!

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