Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marley Is 7 Years Old!!!

Happy birthday, Marley Elane! Marley is one of several birthdays during the month of May. I love this funny little red head. She makes us smile!
"Are you my daddy???"
"I'm 2 months old."
"I'm 5 months old."

Layla and Marley
10 months
Reading Dick and Jane
Shake it girl!!!
"Today is my birthday."

Sweet sisters!

"I love my daddy!!!"
Being a 'toe-walker', Marley had what she called "chastises".
This video of Marley reciting is one of my very favorites!!!
Brenneman Preschool Program
This is a  girl who loves the water!
"Give me a 'W'!!!
Braces for 'toe-walking' but rarely a complaint.

Taking a break from the braces to water flowers
means that Marley had to be creative
in order to not get her feet dirty!
I howled!!!

"I love my daddy!!!"
Three silly people!!!
I could go on and on with 1,365,967 more photos of Marley.
However,  these few pictures give a glimpse into the life of a happy little girl that makes her PopPop and JoJo laugh.
Happy 7th birthday to you Marley!
We love you!!!

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