Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Better Than Ever!!!

Today  is Tom's 70th birthday.  It's difficult to imagine that this is possible since our brains keep telling us that we are in our 50's. Tom is good inside and out. He is kind, thoughtful, sensitive, and all those boy scout attributes. He is an incredible husband, father, and grandfather. 
            Who could have imagined that this adorable baby...
                  ...would turn into MY favorite husband...
                     an incredible father to Kendra and Brent...

...and  an outstanding  "PopPop" to our 5 grandkidlets!
(In order of appearance)
Nicholas Christiaan Smith
Layla Elizabeth Kattau
Blake Thomas Smith
Marley Elane Kattau
Alexis Elizabeth Smith
I am so thankful that, so far, I have had 43 wonderful years with this wonderful man! We met on a blind date in Indianapolis on the first day of spring in 1970. Tom was already teaching in Middlebury and I was serving a church in Indianapolis (Tom's hometown). Mutual friends set it up. I'm so glad that they did. I'm even happier that Tom said "yes" because he almost said "no".
We have raised two children, lived in our current home in Goshen on River Drive for 20 years,  lived in England  during the '77-'78 school year and lived in Bloomington in 1980 while Tom was on staff for a year's sabbatical. Twice, Tom has taken students to Russia and retired from Northridge after teaching for 40 years. During that 40 year period, he also taught for the College of St. Francis, Ivey Tech, Concord summer school and also taught nurses receiving their BS degree. No wonder we run into people that know him no matter where we go! He has taught over 6000 students!!! We have  been at the birth of all 5 grandkidlets and cherish every moment that we get to spend with them.
Tom keeps himself busy puttering in the yard as he keeps his shade gardens in control. He enjoys helping with Habitat for Humanity and loves finding a good book or game at Goodwill. Anyone who lives near us also knows that they might see a slender , tall, white-haired man walking very quickly down CR 115 on a daily basis. Tom decided to cut down on his walking this year from 1000 miles  to 700 miles. The weather has to be pretty rough for Tom to skip his daily walk. Now, if some of that would just rub off on me!!!
I remember telling my children when they were small, how proud I was to be married to their dad; that you know that you are married to the right person when you feel proud.
I am proud.
Happy 70th birthday Tom!

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