Monday, May 19, 2014

GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis Gala

GiGi's Playhouse Indianapolis is a huge step closer to becoming a reality thanks to the successful fundraiser that was held at the Indianapolis Library Friday night. They embraced wonderful supporters (which included Elkhart's very own Joanie Smith, who owns The Picture Show on Bristol Street, her husband and son).            
The Library was an incredible venue! It was exceptionally meaningful to Tom since he visited there often as a child. It was interesting for him to see how the remodeling of the building incorporated the old and the modern in such a grand way. Very impressive and well done!

Upon arrival, people gathered to bid on the numerous donations made for the silent auction. Paula, Ron, Tom and I bid on an item and WON!!!
Tom took these 'artistic' looking photos.
He hiked to the second floor and looked down on the bidders.
He's a good man!

I know that Ron is down there somewhere  bidding on that autographed Butler basketball.
(And he also WON!!!)

Notice how Tom incorporated into his photos the statues which were preserved during the restoration of the library.

The evening began with a cocktail reception and continued with the program and dinner. Lynsay Clutter, WTHR Eyewitness News Reporter, was the MC for the evening.
The most delightful part of the evening was listening to  GiGi Gianni speak. She was a confident, articulate, beautiful young woman. Her mother, Nancy, spoke later in the evening and said that she couldn't have been more proud of GiGi for standing at the podium alone. It was the first time that Nancy hadn't "hovered" over her daughter during the speech but GiGi was awesome and certainly didn't require any help from anyone. She brought tears to our eyes!
We were enchanted with the video made my Matt Mays of Mays Entertainment!
A heartfelt thank you to Matt Mays of Mays Entertainment for creating this video that was shown at our benefit on Friday night!
Alexis (left) and friends

Kendra can be seen (left of center) helping someone. She has had a tremendous responsibility helping to make this benefit successful.

Brother-In-Law, Ron Bowman and Son-In-Law, Jason



Ron and his sweet daughter, Heather

Dear friend, Susan with my wonderful sister, Paula

Kendra and a GiGi's supporter share a moment as Jason looks on.
Our table of 8 minus Tom (behind the camera)

Ron shares a funny story with Heather and Kendra
Tom (70 years + 1 day old) and Jill
The Gala was part of a magical weekend!
Here are two of GiGi's biggest supporters!:
Jason & Kendra
And  the fundraising goal was surpassed:
They are now soooo close to making this dream a reality!


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