Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moving Update

I'm so sorry for not updating in ages! I was reminded by my sister-in-love last week, that she was tired of looking at the same blog for the last ??? weeks. (Frankly, I update on FB but forget that lots of people are not on FB.)

Mother will become a Hoosier this coming Thursday, November 14th. That same day, Debra will move to her apartment at Lakeview Meadows in Battle Creek. Deb will have a 1st floor, 1-bedroom apartment surrounded by other "senior citizens".

Tom will head to Battle Creek Wednesday to help Paula and me move boxes to Debra's apartment. He will then bring Mother back to Elkhart, to our house, for a couple of nights while things get settled. I had taken the picture below to show her what she will see when she looks out her window at Hubbard Hill. She was very excited! Mother has a wonderful outlook about this move and can't wait for it to happen. She knows that she and Debra can call each other every day if they want to and is very happy about Deb's apartment.

Debra will have more room than she has had in years and Mother will be in a small, studio room but Paula and I will do our best to get it decked out! Most importantly, Mother will have her piano in her room. My guess is that Mother will quickly become known at Hubbard Hills as "that piano lady".  I will love having her  nearby!

Paula will pick me up Monday early afternoon and we will head to Battle Creek for the week. We have been extremely thankful that we have had each other to bounce ideas. What one doesn't think of, the other one does. We have made many calls and texted back and forth. We have lists for our lists. We have planned, measured, called, purchased, signed papers, had meetings,  cancelled, transferred, and made more lists. Finally, the moving week has arrived and we are READY!!!

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