Friday, November 29, 2013

A Thanksgiving Visit

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Mother has been at Hubbard Hill for 2 weeks! Doesn't seems possible! Seems like yesterday when Paula and I were saying that our greatest wish would be to have Mother and Debra moved by Thanksgiving but that we might as well wish for the moon. Little did we know.......

Yesterday, Tom and I had dinner with Mother at Hubbard Hill and then we all returned to our house until after supper. Kendra, Brent and their two families all arrived during the afternoon. (If I could just collect all 5 grandkidlets for a group photo when everyone is in a "photo op" mood. Maybe at Christmas!)

Kendra, Jason, Nicholas, Blake and Alexis were able to visit Mother (Grandma Carol...Great Grandma Carol) this afternoon and  see her new apartment. They surprised Grandma Carol with a little Christmas tree that Blake had painted and ornaments  some of which had been made by the kids and others specifically chosen for her.

Mother, Jason, Lexi, Kendra, Blake, Nicholas
"Getting Organized"

"The Excitement Builds"

"The Presentation"

"Hoosier Grandma"
"Go Colts"
This is to remind Mother that she is a Hoosier

Jason checks out photos of the Walbeck "kids" and families

Kendra reminds Mother that she is now a Hoosier

Alexis loves her Great-Grandma

Nicholas and Blake love their Great Grandma Carol
This Thanksgiving was such a gift.  

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