Sunday, October 13, 2013

Buddy Walk 2013: The Whole Story

I've now had a chance to go through photos of the Buddy Walk. These two of Alexis were my favorite from my camera card. 'Lexi Lou Who' is so busy smiling, dancing, running and having fun, the photo is often a blur.

I like to give credit to the photographer when I can (if I didn't take the picture) . The problem is that I often  forget who took particular photos, however, I know that Jen Snell, Tom and Paula got some good ones.

The Arrival: Tom's photos
Alexis loves her BFF, Anna

"Hey Blake! Whatcha reading???"

"Fish??? Wish we had fishing poles!"
Photos by JoJo:
Time for the group photo!!!

"Great job!!! So glad that that is done before we walk!"

"Yeah!!! The group photo is done!
Are you serious?
We have to do it again???
Oh my goodness! We forgot Brent???
Where are they?
Oh well. Just take my family while we wait."

"Ok. Everyone is here now.
"Jen!!! Get in the picture!"
(Just give your camera to some stranger passing by.)

"Now we have everyone (plus a couple of strays)!"

(Jen captured us)

Jen captures Layla, Marley, and Blake with PopPop

We are just about ready to begin!
The Walk:
It was so nice to have Amy and Rachael walk with us.
(Wives of Jason's cousins)

Brent's crew is ready to walk!

Blake and the Grinch are ready too!

See PopPop standing on the bridge?
Photos by Jen:
"Faster Daddy! Faster!!!"

"Jump Unkie Ron and Daddy! Jump!"

Hi PopPop

Hmmmm....the Grinch?

Lexi waves at the crowd

Blake and Marley

Lexi loves Unkie Ron's hat

Kendra talks to one of her many friends
Photos by Tom:
Crystal clear day!

Scott and Kinzy Ewing walked with us!

Conya (Jason's sister),  Mark, C1, C2, C3 and C4 walked with us.

Layla and Jen

Crazy Kendra!!!

Marley rode, occasionally, to rest her heavy legs.
(Braces, you know.)

Of course, Kendra walked the 2.6 miles with a "boot" due to 3 broken bones in her foot! What a woman!!!

Nearly done!

Blake and Layla
(I love these kids!)
Nicholas and Lexi play football after the walk

Alexis just loves the Buddy Walk!

Thank you everyone for supporting us!

Where is everybody???

Oh, it doesn't matter!
They'll catch me after while!

Oh! Hi Mommy! I thought you'd catch up with me.
And back to JoJo:

What a wonderful day!
After the walk, we headed back to Paula and Ron's.
Good food is always found there.
They graciously share their home with us on many occasions.
(If you don't see photos of Paula, it's because she is often at my side when I am taking pictures. Woops!)
The End

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