Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mother, Kathy and Saint Thomas

Mother is doing well. Today was another day of firsts: new pharmacy which delivers the drugs to Hubbard Hill,  "in-house" blood draw (number was too low but it was nice not to have to go out for the blood draw),  visit from the podiatrist (Mother was thrilled!), and having something in her mailbox (junk mail but she was excited). Tomorrow will be her first visit to the beauty shop. She has finally realized that she doesn't have to get her coat and purse before getting these things done.

Kathy Thies stopped by for a visit today after having brunch with Tom and me. Mother was happy to see her again. Kathy and I realized that Mother now lives about half-way between each of our houses.
I added a couple of lamps to Mother's studio apartment making it 5 lamps in a small area, however, with Mother's very poor eyesight, she needs as much light as possible and she loves it.
Yesterday, the pictures were hung which made a big difference in the comfort level of the room.


Tom stopped by (as he has every day) and continues to redo/change/fix/create whatever will make Mother's life easier. She couldn't see the door opener on the microwave so Tom placed a felt tab for her to feel. He put "stoppers" behind the microwave so it wouldn't slide. He reconfigured shelves in the room and beside the microwave and has solved about every problem situation that Mother has had. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. Just  bringing Mother back to Elkhart and caring for her for 2 days (without me) so that Paula and I could be in Battle Creek, has placed Tom on a very high pedestal. Not many husbands would have done or would continue to do what he has done to help with this move. Paula sent him a text today to inform him that she has her famous (to us) chocolate chip cookies waiting for him as a thank you.
 I believe that during the recent storm, while Tom and the grandkidlets were staying safe in Kendra's basement in Noblesville, he texted Paula and asked her if she would bring him chocolate chip cookies. I don't think she did it but one never knows......


  1. Yeah Tom! GC looks happy in her little space. Glad she's getting settled.

  2. He actually deserves a weekly delivery of chocolate chip cookies for life!!!! It may not happen but I can never thank him enough! Paula