Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tom Turns "Twenty"

Tom turned 68 yesterday!!! Marley told him that he is old! Now I know why he likes to figure ages in celsius!!! The number looks sooo much better. These pictures tell a fraction of his story. Happy Birthday my dear husband! You have come a loooong way!!!

Tom "advises" at Northridge

Tom...the daddy

With 2 kids in tow, we traveled to Burgh Castle, England where we lived for a year. Tom was in the Teacher Exchange Program. I was a "stay-at-home" mum. Here we are at a "Garden Party" with Princess Margaret. Later in the year, we also went to dinner at Parliament. Ohhhhh the memories!

Back home in Indiana after our year in England. (I think we couldn't even afford haircuts!)

Kendra grew up!

I always loved this picture of Brent and his Daddy!
Then the grandkidlets began to appear. Tom became "PopPop" and has LOVED being a grandpa! First came Nicholas. (I had to find two pictures of each grandkidlet of course!)

"I love my PopPop" says Nicholas.

Layla has always been extremely close to PopPop. She would follow him anywhere...especially when PopPop walks on his path behind our house.

Oh the love this little girl has for her PopPop!!! (He visited her classroom and she was thrilled!)

Blake arrived and captured our hearts!

Oh the things that these two could think up! Can't you just see the love?

Marley loves her PopPop! Just one more hug...please!!!

Marley loves when PopPop reads to her.

Last to arrive in the line is Alexis. She has wound us around her little finger. What a joy!

"Oh, I love my PopPop soooo much!"

Well...happy birthday again Tom. Hope you enjoyed this sampling of your life. I have a few hundred other pictures if you have time on your hands. Thanks for letting me be a part of your life for the past 41 1/2 years. You bring me great joy and I love you.

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  1. I love the picture with the boxer!!! Also loving the "Jill in a 'fro" photo. :)