Monday, May 7, 2012

Fabulous Five!

We were able to hug and kiss on all 5 kidlets this weekend since we were in Noblesville for the Mini. We saw the three Smith kidlets there and saw the Kattau kidlets upon returning to Elkhart. Love those little people. (Wish they would quit growing so fast!!!

Look at the length of these legs on Nicky!

Check out Blake's cool vest(?) that he made from paper. I followed him around with the scotch tape. He is something special with that imagination of his!

Check out this happy girl! Lexi loved sitting on PopPop's lap playing with his keys and getting bounced!
Brent invited us to dinner Sunday evening and Layla couldn't wait to get to her swing. Is it possible that soon Layla and Nicky will be 3rd graders??? STOP!

Marley is a "swing-a-holic"! If she could, she would sit in the swing during meals. She is nearing the end of her preschool days. I'm feeling older every day!

Did I say how much I love these kids?

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