Sunday, May 27, 2012

Layla is 8!!!

Stop! Stop! Stop! These kids growing up so fast has got to stop! (I feel better now.) Layla is 8 years old today. After church we met them at the Mayberry for brunch. We are kinda know at the Mayberry. Chris has been good to us  for many years (and he likes us spending our money there). He  has many photos of the girls (and the other grandkidlets also!) on the wall. When he found out it was the girls' birthday, they got their "after they were already full" birthday surprise. (Marley got one too since her birthday was just last Tuesday.)

After this delight, we headed back to their house for a photo shoot. When I got their, the girls had already decided upon the poses that they were going to do for the pictures. Hey! If this got them to let me take a picture (Marley is sometimes tired of my camera in her face)  I'm all for it!
 First was to be the "carrying" pose:

...then the "piggyback" pose:

...the "Layla behind" pose:

...and by the end there was the "side by side" pose:

I voted for the "individual" poses:

They voted for "presents and cake!!!"

While Layla enjoyed her presents, Marley decided that it was time to put some of her birthday presents from last Tuesday to good use:

Happy birthday to these precious little girls! I love them more than chocolate!!!

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