Thursday, May 31, 2012

A History Lesson

My Noblesville grandkidlets are visiting this week! Can you say "happy dance"???  To add to this dance, Marley was with us today and will be again tomorrow. Poor Layla is still in school but joined us tonight. One thing that my own children will NEVER say is "I can't wait to get home to Mom's cooking!!!" They WILL say, "I wonder where we will eat out tonight." Did I say I don't cook? So....last night it was Between the Buns:

"I think the balloon man is here!!!"
"What do you want him to make for you Blake?"

"And Nicholas wants a sword?" (How many kids look at the picture and say: "Oh that's a 'line of symmetry". Nicholas does!)

Tonight, was Hacienda:

Marley, Blake, Layla, Nicholas and PopPop are hungry!

Kendra, Jen and Brent are ...what? (Yes! I'll put down my camera!)

Blake began tonight's discussion. He asked Tom how old his dad was when he died. Finding out that he had been 83, he stated that Thomas Jefferson was 83 when he died. Since Blake was the only one sure of that info, Brent check this out on his phone. Blake was right. This led to many, many more questions, history facts that the kids knew and more info from PopPop. 

Layla and Nicholas knew a LOT!!!

Blake was a plethora of information (which doesn't shock me any more!). We aren't sure why he has started to bite his bottom lip when the camera is on but he thinks it's funny. What a kid!. Marley didn't care much for the history lesson but she enjoyed the company.

Nicholas loved learning lots of new information from PopPop! 
"Hey PopPop! Who was President when I was born?"

Home at last and into the tub! "Who cares about History....just give me some water to splash in!!!"

"Those silly people don't know how to have real fun!"

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