Sunday, March 18, 2012

My How Time Flies!!!

Tom and I are 'back home again in Indiana'. Hard to believe that the 2 1/2 weeks are over already. This past week with Penny and Jerry Youngman flew!!! They were so gracious to welcome us from Sunday evening until Friday morning when we began our way back to Sanford.

We did so many things, it was difficult to select  which moments to blog  because my tendency is to tell all. As tough as it was:

Most mornings we would go to Sugden Park where they would walk 3 miles around a large pond. We were told that it didn't have alligators due to it being too deep and too cold. However.....

                                        and then this.....

             We waited for a long time for these guys to come. Three police cars even showed up to watch  the capture but "they were busy" so Penny, Jerry, Tom and I went back to the condo for lunch and upon our return, the gator was already in the back of the truck! Darn!!!

Cleaning up a bit, we ventured downtown Naples to see "Third Street On Canvas". Various artists were on the streets painting various "flavors" of Naples life. It was WONDERFUL!

             The weather was perfect, the city is full of beauty and we loved being there!

We were on the beach several times...sometimes during the day...sometimes the evening. Pure bliss!

One afternoon, we ventured in the perfect weather to Alligator Alley. Tom has a good zoom lens on his camera. The three pictures above and the two below are to his credit. What a guy!

                                  Check out these babies!!!

Here are two of my favorite people. They are the perfect hosts. I didn't even ask them how many times they have taken guests to see the gators and downtown Naples and to the beach and on and on.

Our last night in Naples just HAD to be Naples at night. We visited last year and had such a wonderful time. It was great being there again. Wonderful ambience!

On Friday morning, we had a wonderful breakfast together and then Tom and I headed out. I do all the driving because I get lost getting out of my driveway. I need Tom to tell me "where to go". He is nice about it. We knew that we had about 4 or 5 hours on the road and part of that drive was through bumper to bumper Orlando traffic. We did and it was!!! We arrived in Lake Mary and as soon as we were unpacked, we hit the pool. We then walked around the corner to the Tilted Kilt and had appetizers. OMG! We had enough food for 12 people!!! The portions were huge. Delicious!!!

Saturday was our last day and our last hotel. We were still in Lake Mary (due to it being so close to the airport for our early Sunday morning departure). At breakfast, the waitress told us that about 30 minutes away, in Winter Park, was an international Art Festival. It had 250 artists and thousands of people once a year and this was the weekend. Hopping into the car once again, we checked it out. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Tom is drooling over a globe within a metal hand that he doesn't have. He has about 150 globes in his office and would love to have this one. Sorry Tom. The artist is Michael Gard and of the hundreds of pieces of art at the festival, this was my favorite.

Well, as I said at the beginning, Tom and I are now home. We arrived to squeals of joy and many hugs and kisses as Brent, Layla and Marley had just gotten here from their church service. They knew we were coming. We had "love notes" on our pillow and they couldn't wait to have their "playmates" home. That made the best coming home present ever!!! Now, we can't wait to get our hands on the "other three"!!!

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