Friday, April 6, 2012


Alexis will turn 3 tomorrow...April 7th! Oh my! When I think back to those first three (plus) months of her life in the NICU at St. Vincent's Hospital and the day-by-day trauma, I can't even comprehend that this coming Monday, Lexi will get on a school bus (yes, you read that right!) and head for her first day of Public School. We are blessed to have wonderful programs in place that will continue to enhance the wonderful First Steps therapies that she has had since birth. This little girl is ready to take on the world!
"Have you heard that it's my birthday???"
"I will be 3!!!"
"Oh! I'm exhausted! I have to rest up to go see PopPop and JoJo in Goshen. I hope I get to see my cousins. They are such fun!"

"Nicky, Blake  and I made it to Goshen. I'm soooo glad! Marley and Layla are here! JoJo is already making us sit together for a picture! What is she thinking???"

"Those crazy kids! I think that I'll go get my diaper changed! Maybe I can get them to go outside."

"Yipee! Layla and Marley came outside with me. What??? Another picture? Yes JoJo! The trees are beautiful!"

"Now can I go for a walk?"

"I'm getting soooo big!"

"I see Elmo! Elmo is my favorite!!! Nicky is reading it to us! JoJo made it with pictures of me as a baby. Gosh I was a cutie bug!!!"

"Is it a game, Blakie? I can tell that Mommy gave JoJo some good clues for my presents. Oh birthdays are such fun!

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