Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulders....

Sunshine makes me happy! We ventured to downtown Sarasota and walked the historic downtown. Lovely!

What a surprise to find this wonderful statue that I had only seen in photos! I'm so glad that Tom was anxious to see it up close.

It is only when you see Tom and me in the picture that you realize how large the statue really is! We also enjoyed walking the streets of historical downtown Sarasota.

Setting out again, we traveled to Ft. Myers. After locating our motel, we set out to meet my cousin Carol Ann and her hubby Dwight at the Gulf Coast Mall. We dined at the Miller Ale House.

Carol and DW live in Estro from January through March. It is always such a good time getting caught up with them.

The next morning, Tom and I explored down town Ft. Myers who happened to be having their "sidewalk sales/flea market".
Ohhhhh! The joy!

See the old tin toy typewriter and stove?
We then saw signs for the National Art Festival in Bonita Springs. There were so many wonderful artists!!! I could have taken this little girl home with me but couldn't afford it!

These art pieces were incredible! Each piece is made of a doughy mixture of boiled potato and plaster. The sculpting process is done with a piece of wood that resembles a large toothpick. The detail is incredible!!! 

The lion below was made of 14,000 welded nails. I've never seen anything like it.

The bear was made of 50,000 nails. (I can't even imagine counting the nails, let alone creating these creatures!)

Tom and I arrived at Penny and Jerry Youngman's condo on Sunday evening. We were so excited to see them. Here they are our neighbors and we have to come to Florida to be together. Are we nuts or what? Now...the bad news: they think that they will be moving to Kentucky in the near future. NOT HAPPY!!!

On Monday afternoon, we met Carol and DW for a catamaran ride. What a gorgeous afternoon!

Here is my captain...
After the ride, we met Penny and Jerry at Tin City for dinner.

What a good time!

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