Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Bouncin' Babies"

All 5 grandkids were here for the afternoon. Kendra arrived by lunchtime from her weekend and Brent, Tom and the girls returned from Brent's bike race in South Bend soon after. Brent brought the bounce house over yesterday for the kids to play on but I think that Alexis loved it more than the others put together. She has accomplished getting down the 'slide' but now needs to work on getting back up. Soon enough...soon enough. Look at this precious little girl!!!

It was a wonderful 4 1/2 days. It is always a treat when Layla and Marley can come over when the "Smith Grands" are here. The cousins love playing together and it's so much more fun to have other kids to play with. Kendra is driving to Noblesville as we speak. I know a daddy that has really missed his family. (The boys had spent 2 days in Kokomo with the other Grandparents before coming here!!!) I know that they will be glad to return to their own beds and toys. Well...the house is waaaaay too quiet! Everything is picked up and put back 'in its proper place'. The office is once again the office and the baby's room is once again a scrapbook room. It might be tiring for us old people to be 'parents' again for a few days but I'm not sure I like it the 'normal' way very much either. It's waaaaay tooooo quiet!!! 

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