Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy 93rd Birthday!

It was a perfect day. I arrived at Hubbard Hill at 10:30 this morning and helped Mother get ready for the day. I walked her down to lunch (her breakfast) and told her that because it was her birthday, I'd play piano while she ate. That makes her day!!! (I've played two other times during dinner time and it's fun knowing the residents like it. If getting stopped by every person I walk by as we go for our walks, is any indication, I don't doubt that it makes them happy or I wouldn't do it.)
We returned to her room but Mother suspected nothing. She was thrilled and very surprised when  Paula and Ron arrived followed by Tom, who had picked up the cake. Paula and I got things set up while Ron and Tom entertained Mother. Soon, Carl and Erin showed up and we took Mother from her room next door to the Celebration Lounge. Let the celebration begin!!!

Mother, Paula and Ron greet Carl and Erin Williams

"You girls! What have you done???"

Erin and a "famous" resident, Paul Randall

Laura Carr and Brian Williams
(Looking forward to a wedding next year!)

Carl and Erin Williams

Laura,  Mother, Debra, Ron, Carl, Erin, Brian

New Grandma Paula shows pictures of her new grandson, Elliott Grey Bowman to Sharon

Tom and Keith

Mother was thrilled to see Granddaughter Kelly

Mother reads cards from Great-Granddaughters, Layla and Marley

Kelly brought gorgeous flowers from her folks and sister, Gayle

Kelly and her Uncle Ron

Brent (Feb 28th birthday) and Jen (March 4th birthday) 

Keith and Niece Kelly

Resident Curtis Brown, Keith and Mother

Angie Paris and her Mother, Treva
(My cousin, Treva lives in Bristol but we seldom see each other.)

Treva and I are thrilled to see each other.

We really love each other very much!

Resident Phyllis Kauffman visits with Mother.
Phyllis went to Central Christian Church while our kids were growing up in that church.
She was thrilled to see Brent and Jen since she has known them since birth.
Phyllis then attended Trinity Methodist where Tom and I attend.
Now, Phyllis is at Hubbard Hill and has become friends with Mother.
Small world....and I love it!

Treva, Angie and Mother share stories.

Curtis Brown, Paul Randall and Brother-in-Law, Ron Bowman
Bless this man!!! He visited with these men for a long time and I know it made their day!
Ron has a gift for talking to anyone about anything and making them feel very important!
Thank you Ron!!!

Laura and Kelly

Mother and my dear friend, Nila App

Layla, Brent, and Jen visit with Ron

Marley takes a moment to pose for a picture

Phyllis LOVES Tom. It was Phyllis that told "the powers that be" at Trinity
that Tom needed to be a Worship Leader. (He did for 3 years thanks to Phyllis.)

Brent and Jen visit with Ron.

Layla and Marley finish a jigsaw puzzle.

Larry and Nila have known Paul Randall for a long time.
Larry has made DVD's on Paul who is a world champion rower
and  on Paul's experiences as a bomber pilot.
Visit for more of Larry's work.

It was a great day. Mother was thrilled to see so many family members. It was wonderful she didn't know anything about her party because she would have stressed over it.
Everyone was gone and the room put back together by shortly after 5:15. I walked her down to the dining room and said my goodbyes.  She told me several times what a wonderful day it had been. She also told me that she thinks she will sleep well tonight.
Thanks to everyone who made today special and
thanks to everyone who sent cards.
She will enjoy rereading them for a long time.

Happy Birthday Mother!

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  1. Great pictures! Looks a lot like the 85th birthday party we did for Nancy at her retirement center. I later made a digital photo book for her that she carried around to show all her friends! Glad it was a great day celebrating!